Lunch menu available every day except Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

-Tasting of three starters: beef tartare, baked ham and selected anchovies € 14

-mixed salad, raw cauliflower, carrots, walnuts, flax seed, spinach sprouts   €10 
nuggets of organic chicken, mixed salad, croutons of bread and flakes of Parmesan cheese    € 12

-Season vegetabbles grilled with Ligurian olives, pine nuts and basil oil € 10

-Pumpkin cream, crumbs of amaretti and anchovies with ricotta cheese € 9

-Piedmont ravioli filled with fresh porcini mushrooms and mountain butter € 11

-Thin noodles with veal sausage from Bra and leeks cream € 10

-Potato gnocchi, tomato sauce, cream of smoked mozzarella and spicy oil € 10

-Piedmont veal cheeks roasted in Barbera wine served with corn polenta € 15

-Confit squid, cream of bread and tomato sauce with crunchy sweet pepper € 14

-Piglet flavored curry with cauliflower cream and lemon zest € 15

-Tasting of selected cheeses with sauce of grape, apple, nuts, figs € 10

homemade sweets…made with love and passion € 6

Typical cake made with hazelnut flour, sugar and eggs served with zabajone cream 
Soft sweet of the Amalfi coast based on chocolate and almonds, without flour served with custard lemon
Creamy dessert based on biscuits soaked in coffee and mascarpone cream
Mousse with milk, white chocolate and cardamom aroma

bottle of water, bread and service are included 

the menu changes every day, you can ask our staff or read it on the blackboard 

we only use fresh pasta, more digestible and easy to prepare
daily dishes based on fish and vegetables


The lunch in our restaurant is quick and inexpensive, while maintaining high quality and offering a big variety of dishes daily cooked.

All types of TICKET RESTAURANTS are accepted at lunchtime on weekdays.

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