"IL CAVOLO A MERENDA" is a restaurant located in the heart of Asti, a short walk away from Piazza San Secondo, and it offers an alternative approach if compared to the traditional restaurants.

Its name derives from the Chef Mario's predisposition to  propose typical Piedmontese dishes coupled with Mediterranean recipes coming from outside the national borders, that, at first sight, have got nothing in common, or as we commonly say in Italy, they match as “cabbage for an afternoon snack”(“cavolo a merenda”), a common saying that is also the name of the restaurant.

In a warm and welcoming environment, the host’s hospitality and courtesy create the impression of being invited at an enjoyable family dinner.

The restaurant " IL CAVOLO A MERENDA" meets every need: it is suitable for a romantic dinner, for a lunch with friends , for a business lunch or a company meeting.

This "flexibility" makes the "CAVOLO A MERENDA" an ideal place for every situation and moment.


Spaghetti al barbera

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