Starter proposed...

- selected anchovies from Sicily with (garlic free) bagnetto and roasted bread
- delicious baked ham with red chicory
- typical beef tartare (raw minced meat) with fresh artichokes
- smoked salmon tartare, creamy mozzarella and fennel 
- foie gras terrine, apricots, Asti's muscat jelly and parma ham
- poached egg with Taleggio cheese cream, spinach and crispy bacon

First course to continue...

- potatoes gnocchi with hot salami sauce and creamy mozzarella
- typical Piedmont ravioli in roasted meat sauce
- pasta from south of Italy with squids, mussels, parsley pesto and crispy bacon
- Red risotto...rice with beetroot, red chicory and robiola fresh cheese
- vegetarian lasagna (lasagna with thiny bread, mixed vegetables and bechamel)
- pappardelle, rabbit ragout and carrots cream

Main courses...

- smoked grilled cut of beef served with baked potatoes
- grilled lamb chops with artichoke and pecorino cheese
- iberian pig cooked in Porto's wine with potato cream
- fresh larded swordfish, broccoli cream and purple cabbage (swordfish is fresh, so it may not always be avaible)

- grilled vegetables with olives and pine nuts

- tasting of selected cheeses

...And now the dessert...

- home made cake by landlady...made with passion, change every day according on the taste of the moment

...Pepino's ice cream
ice cream coated with chocolate from the famous Pepino's ice cream shop in Turin
(served with a glass of): Asti moscato, limoncello, grappa, passito, amari

Coffee-espresso from Ragusa, Sicily

* squid, cod fish, king prawns could be frozen

The menu à la carte suggested by the chef is built always starting from a thorough search of fresh seasonal products.

Every day you can find "a daily specialty", not written in the menu.

The menu may vary.

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