Starter proposed...

-typical beef tartare with parmesan waffle and fresh vegetables € 10

-“summer” codfish* creamed with buffalo mozzarella and black olives € 11

-selected anchovies from Sicily with (garlic free) bagnetto and cereals bread € 10 

-delicious baked ham with mozzarella cream and artisan pepper crakers € 11

-grilled red tuna* with geen beans, eggs, potato, onions € 13

-the caprese in our way…tomatoes filled of mozzarella and basil cream € 10

First course to continue...

-typical piedmont ravioli butter and sage € 10

-thin noodles with veal sausage from Bra and leeks aroma € 10

-small potato gnocchi, cream of sea urchins and bread crumbs with parsley € 11

-pasta from Naples served cold with vegetables, pesto and mullet bottarga € 10

-pasta from south of Italy with mussels, cuttlefish* and zucchini cream € 11

Main courses...

-grilled cut of beef served with baked potatoes € 16

-roasted octopus* with flat bread and tomato mayonnaise € 15

-piedmont veal cheeks steamed with bagnetto and crushed potato € 15

-organic chicken salad with eggs, quinoa and cooking sauce € 14

-grilled seasonal vegetables with black olives and pine nuts € 10

-tasting of selected cheeses with sauce of grape, apple, nuts, figs € 10

...And now the dessert...

homemade sweets…made with love and passion € 5

- pudding of ancient tradition prepared with eggs, sugar, milk, cocoa, liquor and amaretti

- soft sweet of the Amalfi coast based on chocolate and almonds, without flour

- tasty dessert made with fresh cheese based on biscuits and butter, garnished with berries

- It’s a typical sweet, delicate and excellent end of meal, our version is scented with lemon and sage

-Pepino's Ice € 4

Coffee-espresso from Ragusa, Sicily

* squid, cod fish, king prawns could be frozen

The menu à la carte suggested by the chef is built always starting from a thorough search of fresh seasonal products.

Every day you can find "a daily specialty", not written in the menu.

The menu may vary.

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